“This Is The End” Film’s Red Band Trailer Hits The Web

A brand new trailer for the upcoming comedy action film “This is the End” was just released. The film is both directed and written by Evan Goldberg and Seth Rogen. With this film, both men are making their directorial debuts. The cast is filled with well-known comedy actors like James Franco, Seth Rogen and Craig Robinson. It does not end there as Jonah Hill, Jay Baruchel and Emma Watson are also apart of the cast, yet the number of known actors that make appearances in the trailer might surprise everybody. The story revolves around a party at James Franco´s house, when all of a sudden Franco himself and many of his celebrity friends are faced with the apocalypse. “This is the End” could be the funniest film of the year.

“This is the End” Release Dates

USA: 12 June, 2013
28 June, 2013

(Screen capture via trailer above / ©2013 Columbia Pictures)

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