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Godzilla TR 30s

Latest Trailer Offers The Best Look At Godzilla

One of the most anticipated films of the year has now gotten a very exciting 30-second promotional video, giving us a proper look at the great monster Godzilla. The Gareth Edwards directed film is getting promoted the right way, showing the people only a few short clips of the beast we are dying to see on the big screen. It is clear that “Godzilla” will ...

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Hideo Kojima TOP 5 Champs

Hideo Kojima Names His Top 5 “Metal Gear” Characters

Hideo Kojima is a very famous Japanese game director, writer, producer and designer employed by Konami. He is also the director of Kojima Productions and was promoted to Vice President of Konami Digital Entertainment a few years ago. This introduction might be quite unnecessary as most of us gamers recognize Hideo Kojima’s work with ease as he is considered by many to be a legend ...

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Senile MV

Young Money’s “Senile” Gets Humorous Music Video

Ever since Nicki Minaj tweeted a few fun behind-the-scenes photos, the music video for “Senile” has been a topic of discussion, largely because of Nicki’s outfits in it. Now while the rapper definitely steals the show, Lil Wayne is also very memorable in the music video, wearing colorful clothes and acting crazy. While the song itself is mediocre at best, the video definitely brings “Senile” ...

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Robot Girls Z Movie Version TR

“Robot Girls Z” Movie Version Gets Hilarious Trailer

Toei Animation recently released a trailer for the theatrical version of the “Robot Girls Z” anime series, it is a humorous one. Toei is set to screen the anime in 10 theaters throughout Japan, screening all 9 episodes of the series that ran on the Toei Channel, together with the “minibokko” episode titled “Climax! Super Galactic Great War”. The screening across 10 theaters will be ...

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