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Microsoft Announces Xbox One

After Sony announced the PlayStation 4, the anticipation to see which consoles it would go up against skyrocketed, with people speculating about the upcoming Xbox console. Microsoft revealed that the next console would be named Xbox One, and that it is set to be released in 2013. The machine seems to be on an equal playing field with Sony´s PlayStation 4, with Blu-ray disc compatibility, 8 GB DDR3 memory and AMD Radeon Variant graphics. Now while a lot has been revealed, as even the console itself together with the controller being shown off, there are tons of things people should know about Xbox One. Down below are a couple of links that will tell you everything you need to know about this upcoming console, titled Xbox One.

Check out the official Xbox One website here.
See a the Xbox One reveal press conference here.
For all the information, please visit Wikipedia here.

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Author: Hergie

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