“Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” Boss Battles Preview

If the hype surrounding “Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance” is not already at an all time high, it will most likely increase with the recent boss battles preview video. Four boss battles are featured in the video and some are shown in great length as well. While it spoils a bit, I think that many that are/were unsure about buying this game will want to purchase the game after seeing these wicked awesome boss battles that this game has to offer. The game looks as promising as it did when it was first revealed and the bosses look incredibly intimidating and fun to battle against.

MistralMistral – A good-looking woman who is able to attach around a dozen arms to her back. Looks like an incredibly fast boss with a variety of techniques. It seems that whenever Raiden cuts her arms off, she is able to install new ones with very little trouble as she is assisted by Dwarf Gekkos . You can even see her throw objects at Raiden that look very much like fireballs. At one point it looks like she is wielding a staff with a blade on each end and later on it can be seen that the staff like weapon can turn into a whip. Sexy and deadly, I guess you can´t go wrong with that.

MonsoonMonsoon – This guy wields Twin Sai and he can detach several of his body parts as it looks like the only thing holding him together are magnet like objects in his body. It looks like Raidens blade is not that effective as he can just detach his head from his shoulders if he wishes to. Several of his attacks are shown where he is literally in pieces. Looks like an incredibly fast ninja like boss with the ability to detach every piece of his body if needed. Interesting boss with a moveset that will intimidate purely because you can barely hit him.

SundownerSundowner – This huge man is wielding two long blades on his right arm and has metal mask protection for his face that slides on when in battle. Sundowner looks like a heavy hitter with powerful moves and hard slashes. It looks like he can even use objects surrounding him as at one point he can be seen swinging an incredibly large pipe like object. If that is already not impressive enough, it looks like he has a different form as well where he equips plate like objects to his back as he uses them as a shield. He also uses dual wield blades when the shield plates are on his back. Sinister looking man who resembles a Juggernaut.

SamuelSamuel – Last but not least, we see Samuel who looks like he is about to duel Raiden one-on-one with respect and honor on the line. He is wielding a large Katana like blade, much like Raiden. While not much is shown, it looks like an awesome battle is about to go down as nothing is shown besides the beginning of the battle. Samuel looks vicious and seems to be on the same level as Raiden when it comes to skill, technique and speed.


(Screen Capture via Preview Trailer above / ©2013 Konami Digital Entertainment)

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