Exciting Gameplay Trailer Streamed For “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII”

After the success of “Final Fantasy XIII” and “Final Fantasy XIII-2″, it is not surprising to see that another game will be released which will continue and end the FFXIII in a trilogy. Lightning will be the lead character and Hope Estheim will also appear in the game as he gives guidance to Lightning and helps her out. It seems that even Snow Villiers will somehow make an appearance in the game and let me tell you, if this is true, then “Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII” will be as charming as ever. While very little is still known about the game, The trailer shows off some of the gameplay elements but it still looks rather similar to the game system we grew accustomed to in the previous installments. The graphics look as great as ever and the story seems to be as suspenseful as in the Final Fantasy XIII.

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