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On the season finale of the Kris Jenner show we saw Kanye West open up about his family, Kim Kardashian and his child North West. The interview is around 40-minutes in length, covering everything from paparazzi problems to his personal behavior. Now while many may feel that this interview is hardly noteworthy, the reason I believe that it is quite great is because Kanye West rarely does interviews at all. So for him to sit down with Kris Jenner and open up, giving his side of the stories that have been surrounding him the past few years, is quite exceptional.

Kanye West is an artist with music that comes ahead of time, he is a trendsetter, the best-dressed rapper in the game, and he has a softer side we rarely see. In the interview we see how shy and uncomfortable Kanye actually is of being in the limelight when he is not in his zone. But he pushed through, gave a phenomenal interview that will surely turn some haters to lovers.

Baby North WestMake sure that you watch and listen to the entire interview if you recognize the name Kanye West because not only does he put some rumors to rest, he even makes fun of himself in regards to how he has behaved in the past. To top it all off, Kanye West showed the first picture of his and Kim kardashian’s baby North at the end of the show.

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Author: Hergie

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