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Gundam SEED: Stargazer Blu-ray Announced!

After the recent completion of Mobile Suit Gundam Seed HD Remaster, it was expected to see Stargazer being released on Blu-ray in a similar fashion as Gundam Seed was. Information about the Stargazer Blu-ray has been released, here´s what to expect.

The Limited Edition of Mobile Suit Gundam: SEED C.E.73 Stargazer will include:

-Special Jacket

-Special Booklet

-Gundam Seed Astray Promo

-Audio Commentary

The Limited Edition will cost 6,300 yen which is roughly 73 US Dollars/47 British Pounds and the Standard Version is priced at 5,250 yen which is around 64 US Dollars/40 British Pounds. The price is very reasonable compared to the recent Gundam Seed Blu-ray boxes such as the Limited Edition of Box 4 which costs around 21,000 yen which is roughly 260 US Dollars/160 British Pounds.

*Both the Limited Edition & Standard Version will be released: March 22
nd ,2013

(Information & Image via Amazon.co.jp)

Author: Hergie

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