Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Analysis

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer Analysis

The Grand Theft Auto game series is one of the most famous game franchises of all time and whenever a new GTA game is released it is simply groundbreaking. From the graphics engine to the gameplay mechanics, GTA games are known for being solid in every way imaginable. There are very few games that can be compared to the GTA series and even fewer game developers that can compare their studios to Rockstar Games. Rockstar Games has been very active the past few months as they have been teasing us with trailers, release dates and more information for the longest time now. While Rockstar Games usually “let the game speak for itself”, they still give us enough hints and info to keep us hooked to their website so no new information will go unseen by the public. While Rockstar Games is known for giving gamers quality over quantity, it will still be exciting to see if GTA 5 will live up to the high expectations that many gamers around the world have.

In Grand Theft Auto 5 we will be returning to the city called “Los Santos”. The city we were first introduced to in GTA: San Andreas. The game will feature 3 playable characters; Trevor, Michael and Franklin. Grand Theft Auto 5 is just around the corner as it has been announced that the game will be released in Spring of 2013. While an announcement trailer was released a long time ago, a new trailer was just recently released and that´s what I will be analysing in detail right now.

“you know I’ve been in this game for a lot of years… and I got out alive.”

Right off the bat Stevie Wonder´s “Skeletons” can be heard in the background as the beautiful city that we will be roaming through once we get our hands on GTA 5 is shown. Then a wealthier part of town is shown where supposedly Michael´s wife and children live. After seeing the house, I sincerely doubt that he bought it with his hard-earned cash as GTA´s protagonists are simply not known for being blue-collar workers. Two women are seen arguing in the kitchen who are most likely yelling about Michael as one of them even says; “He is not staying the night, he´s a bum!”. As in the next shot, the quote from above is heard as Michael is shown with his shorts on smoking a cigar and holding a glass of what looks like it could be whiskey. He is then seen lying down on a beach chair as he takes a sip from his glass near a swimming pool. Seems as if father Michael came home to visit his family and his wife does not want him to stay the night but that´s just me speculating.

Vehicles in a Grand Theft Auto game are as important as in a 007 movie as fans of the franchise know that 80 % of the time you will be sitting in a stolen vehicle and cruising around in it. With that in mind, in the next shot we can see several cars, a train and a bus. While trains and buses are not new to the GTA series, it is still nice to know that they will be returning in the upcoming game together with Mack trucks that can be seen in the next shot. After we see the beautiful city and some of the vehicles it has to offer, we see two drunk men fighting each other in front of a bar when a car from the 60´s seems to roll by.

“The guns and crank in this area go through Trevor Phillips Enterprise, or they aint going!”

We are finally introduced to Trevor Phillips who is one of the 3 protagonists in Grand Theft Auto 5. It does not only look like Trevor is psychotic but it also seems that he is one crazy son of a bitch as he seems to threaten a guy in the flood while holding a weapon and then he busts some random mans teeth in. He is then seen driving a 4 wheel Buggy through a desert with satellite discs and a cement mixer seen in the background. While the discs and the cement mixer are cool and all, it is hard to beat seeing that Buggy cruising around on the sand. It seems as if we will be getting new vehicle types after all, I was a bit uncertain after the vehicle selection we got from GTA 4 but it looks like they are going to spice things up a bit. Trevor is then seen throwing a Molotov Cocktail into a house as he turns around and does what any badass would do, walk away without looking at the explosion. “I´ll swing by and sign the contracts alright? just ignore the bodies” If this line does not prove that Trevor Phillips will be an awesome protagonist, nothing will.

“I don´t care how many cars you own, you ain`t changing!”

We then see what looks like The Gerald Desmond Bridge from a distance. In the next shot we see another train and a bus together with the Vincent Thomas Bridge seen in the background. Right after seeing a little bit of the city we will be wreaking havoc in, we see Franklin together with his friend Lamar. As Michael is sitting on the bench, Lamar approaches him and asks if he knows where the Berto Beach House is. The significance of the location is unknown but it looks like Michael knows where the place is as he points Franklin and Lamar in the right direction. This might also be the first time Franklin and Michael meet each other as they do not greet one another when they come face to face. Franklin is then seen driving off in a white Audi which he presumably stole from the man chasing the car. The next thing that can be seen is a red car being followed by a white Audi. Franklin is still visible as the driver of the white Audi but my guess is that the red vehicle in front of him, is driven by Lamar. While it is hard to tell with only the top of his head being seen, I´m pretty sure Lamar is the person driving the red car. As the quote from above is heard we see Franklin together with his wife/girlfriend or even possibly his sister. It looks as if the person does not think that Franklin can change his ways and if I was to follow the quote, it seems as if Franklin steals cars for a living.

n the next shot we can see a tractor-trailer followed by a police car and let me tell you, the graphics look stunning. Right after a little chase scene we see Franklin and Lamar arguing with each other followed by another chase scene including two beautiful vehicles. We then get another look at Michael who is seemingly talking to his therapist about his son Jimmy. As the therapist calls Michael´s son a “good kid” we see Jimmy hanging off a sailboat (transported on a truck) boom in traffic as Franklin can be seen in the boat while Michel is trying to catch Jimmy in his car before he hits the concrete. While it is hard to tell what Franklin and Michael were trying to do on a sailboat which was being transported but the fact of the matter is that Michael caught Jimmy in his car when he let go of the boom. Then a hilarious dialog between Michael and his son Jimmy takes place.

Jimmy: “Hey, lets bounce”
Michael: “Bounce? We´re bouncing now…?”

The funniest thing about this dialog is that most people around the world can relate to it. That´s why I appreciate the comedic side of Rockstar Games as they have a clever sense of humor in their games, most of which you can relate to.

Right after some good humor comes some good ass kicking as Trevor Phillips is seen stomping out a guy while 3 people watch him do it. We can then see Trevor piloting what looks like a 4 seater red and white airplane. Like I said about the trains and buses, it is great to know that small airplanes will still be returning but the question here is, will we finally be able to pilot larger aircraft as well? Either way, the next thing we see is a vault getting blown up as 3 men with ski masks on can be seen holding rifles.

Is that a dog? Wait a minute… is Rockstar Games finally going to give us a Grand Theft Auto game with animals? There have been rumors surrounding animals in the upcoming GTA 5 but nothing has yet been confirmed but if this trailer tells us anything, it is that one dog will be in this game one way or another. If there is anything that could make the GTA franchise even greater, besides the obvious things of course, would be adding animals into the game. Try to picture this for a minute, you are one of the 3 protagonists and you are running around the forest as you just crashed an airplane and are running around trying to find the main road or something and the next thing you know, you are surrounded by several wolves that attack you. It worked in Red Dead Redemption so why not make it work with the environment of Grand Theft Auto 5. If there is anything I have learned from the GTA series and Rockstar Games it is that they make the impossible possible as every single one of their games is an improvement over the last one in one way or another. Either way I guess that we will be seeing at least one dog in GTA 5, lets just hope that the dog in this trailer is not the only animal in the game.

After coming across the dog in the trailer, we see a man sliding over a hood of a car. It seems as if the man is running scared from the dog as seconds later we see the dog jumping over the hood of the exact same car. In the next scene we see someone climbing down on the side of a building, whoever the person is it looks as if he is trying to break in or break out. Right after that we see someone with the same gear breaking glass in what looks like it could be a jewelry store. The man is also wearing a red Bugstar outfit. Cars are seen exploding behind a motorcyclist during night and I think that the man driving the motorcycle is Franklin as if you slow the video down, you can see the white sleeves and the blue shirt.

While this trailer has already showcased the craziness of Trevor Phillips, it seems as if he is even brave enough to drive a car out of a cargo airplane and jump out of the car with a parachute on. If Trevor was able to get into a car that was in a cargo airplane, I hope that we can also pilot the airplane itself from which the car was driven out of. If you take a close look at the screenshot above you can clearly see how detailed the graphics are and what a large desert is waiting for Trevor once he lands on the ground. In the next shot we see several dirt bikes. Then Trevor Phillips is seen on a moving train as it crashes with another train, luckily Trevor was able to jump off at the right time.

“That´s Trevor, my best friend. That´s Franklin, the son I always wanted”

Michael is then seen introducing Trevor to Franklin. While it is hard to know if Michael meant what he said about the two, it definitely seemed to be a joke to a certain extent. If Trevor truly is Michael´s best friend, it will create some seriously interesting story twists and history between the two I bet most of us are very intrigued to find out about. Michael saying that Franklin is the son he always wanted is very interesting indeed as he seems to have issues with his own son Jimmy. While I doubt he meant what he said, he still said it so I am guessing Franklin is good at being a crook while his son seems to be bad at it, as seen during the sailboat boom incident. I do think that he was just being sarcastic but until more is revealed about their actual relationship, it is hard to know. Something that looks like an airship can also be seen in the background when Michael introduces to two men to each other.

Right after we see Michael, Trevor and Franklin we come across a jet aircraft which fires heat-seeking missiles at a police helicopter during the night. The Vinewood sign can also be partially seen.

“See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”

Well it seems as if the 3 protagonists of the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game are looking like The Three Wise Monkeys as the trailer comes to an end.

[hero heading=”Verdict”]First and foremost I have to say that the trailer was phenomenal, it was well created, perfectly edited and gave us several hints on what to expect in the full game come spring 2013. Even as good as the trailer was, it still left several questions unanswered. Will there be tanks? Will there be animals? Is there any character customization and will we be seeing any familiar faces? I guess all of these questions and more will be answered soon enough as this trailer was literally about showing off the 3 main characters. The 3 protagonists are all very colourful and very different from one another; Michael seems to be the calm one with a hidden past and serious family issues, Trevor is the crazy one who is involved with weapons and crack while Franklin seems to be the one trying to get his life together but still steals cars to pay the rent. This is just how I interpreted the 3 main characters after watching the trailer. While the characters were shown off in a great way, the story was still puzzling as nothing was ever said about their past nor if or how they got to know each other. But besides all the speculation, I feel that the trailer showed off the most important things. It showcased the city of Los Santos in a perfect way and gave several small hints on what to expect in the upcoming game. The Buggy, the dog, the jet and the cargo airplane make me very intrigued to see what the next trailer for GTA 5 will hold as if those 4 things are of any indication, we will be getting one heck of a game. The most interesting thing I was able to find out about the trailer was that it definitely looks as if GTA 5 will introduce many new things to us so hopefully the dog in the trailer is one of many animals we will encounter in the game. One thing is for sure though and that is that the trailer was great and showed off GTA 5 in a good way, I just hope that another trailer will be released soon enough which would reveal some actual gameplay footage.

“Grand Theft Auto 5″

Developer: Rockstar North
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Distributor: Take-Two Interactive
Writer: Dan Houser

Platforms: Playstation 3, Xbox 360

Release Date: Spring 2013[/hero]

(Information via Wikipedia)
(Screen captures via the Official GTA V Trailer / © Rockstar Games)



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