ESC 2013 Semi-Final 1 – Denmark, Estonia & The Netherlands Are In The Final

The first semi-final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 took place last night, with Petra Mede doing a brilliant job hosting the show. A total of 16 countries participated, 10 made it into the final that will take place May 18. The favorites, Denmark and The Netherlands, qualified to the final thanks to the brilliant performances by Emmelie de Forest and Anouk. There was one song that surprised, Estonia´s own Birgit stunned everybody with a phenomenal performance that surely made her one of the favorites in the final. Down below is the full list of countries that participated, including the qualified acts.







01  Austria English Natália Kelly Shine -
02  Estonia Estonian Birgit Et uus saaks alguse Qualified
03  Slovenia English Hannah Straight Into Love -
04  Croatia Croatian Klapa s Mora Mižerja -
05  Denmark English Emmelie de Forest Only Teardrops Qualified
06  Russia English Dina Garipova What If Qualified
07  Ukraine English Zlata Ognevich Gravity Qualified
08  Netherlands English Anouk Birds Qualified
09  Montenegro Montenegrin Who See Igranka” (Игранка) -
10  Lithuania English Andrius Pojavis Something Qualified
11  Belarus English Alyona Lanskaya Solayoh Qualified
12  Moldova Romanian Aliona Moon O mie Qualified
13  Ireland English Ryan Dolan Only Love Survives Qualified
14  Cyprus Greek Despina Olympiou An me thimasai” (Aν με θυμάσαι) -
15  Belgium English Roberto Bellarosa Love Kills Qualified
16  Serbia Serbian Moje 3 Ljubav je svuda” (Љубав је свуда) -

The second semi-final will air May 16, where we will see 17 countries participate, with 10 qualifying to the final.

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  1. terip

    All 3 -Danmark, The Netherlands and Estonia songs,,,,what can you say. Great perfomance, fabulous voices and good lyrics….) Cant be better that that!


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