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Street Fighter Gets New Game

Next “Street Fighter” Game To Be Announced Soon

It seems as if a new “Street Fighter” video game is in the works, with Capcom’s Ono saying that the next project will be announced “soon”, without saying much else. While we’re completely in the dark, it sure is great to know that a new “Street Fighter” video game is ...

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Warframe Update 14.0

“Warframe” Update 14: New Interface, Quests & PVP

The free-to-play cooperative third-person shooter game named “Warframe” just went live with their biggest update (14.0) in a long while, changing everything from the interface to the quest system. It is like a major overhaul, making a number of large changes to improve the overall game and its presentation, as ...

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Halo The Master Chief Collection RTX 2014 Reveal

“Halo: Collection” RTX 2014: 1-Hour Reveal Panel

At this year’s Rooster Teeth Expo, the members of 343 Industries sat down to talk about the upcoming “Halo: The Master Chief Collection” and its various intricacies. The 60-minute video found above, shows everything that was discussed at the panel, yet if you skip to 24:30 mark you will be ...

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Lords of the Fallen E3 Demo

“Lords of the Fallen” E3 Gameplay Demo Streamed

While heavily compared to “Dark Souls”, CI Games’ “Lords of the Fallen” seems to have quite a few unique traits, as shown in the recently uploaded 10-minute E3 demo. The video shows off a good amount of gameplay and features an interview with Tomasz Gop, the executive producer at CI ...

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Tekken 7 Announced TR

“Tekken 7″ Announced: Debut Trailer Released

Most of us fighting game fans have been patiently waiting to find out more about “Tekken 7″, a game that has been highly anticipated for over 4 years now. With a number of rumors and small amounts of information, we have not found out much about the upcoming title, until ...

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Sigourney Weaver Alien Isolation DLC

Sigourney Weaver Returns as Ellen Ripley in “Alien: Isolation”

Sega recently revealed that Sigourney Weaver, and most of the “Alien” cast, will be featured in the upcoming “Alien: Isolation” video game, as pre-order bonus and future downloadable content. Sigourney Weaver (Ripley), Tom Skerritt (Dallas), Harry Dean Stanton (Brett), Veronica Cartwright (Lambert) and Yaphet Kotto (Parker) were all nice enough ...

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Battleborn Reveal TR

Next-Gen Shooter “Battleborn” Revealed With Trailer

Gearbox Software recently unveiled a brand new video game with a reveal trailer, showing off the next-gen hero-shooter “Battleborn”. While the trailer is indeed lengthy, it is a mere cinematic video that teases us how the game will work and what type of characters we will be coming across once ...

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EA Sports UFC Glitches

Hilarious “EA Sports UFC” Glitches Commentated

If there is something that most, if not every, game has it has to be glitches. Even though most glitches happen when the player does something outrageous, some even happen when you are simply trying to enjoy your recently bought game. While a few of them can be quite irritating ...

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MGS V The Phantom Pain E3 TR

“MGS V: The Phantom Pain” E3 Trailer Amazes

Konami released one helluva emotional E3 trailer for their upcoming “Metal Gear” video game, showing off a number of never-before-seen cut-scenes. This lengthy promotional video hits the heart, with a beautiful song that compliments the footage seen in the trailer perfectly. We are given an emotional reason of what to ...

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TERA Rising Wounded World Update

“TERA: Rising” Releasing “Wounded World” Update In July

One of the best massively multiplayer online role-playing games in the world is Bluehole Studio’s “TERA: Rising” (The Exiled Realm of Arborea), a game which is set to get an exciting update titled “Wounded World”. Set to arrive in July, the update revolves around a new set of action-packed and ...

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Find Out How Many Hours You’ve Spent Playing “League of Legends”

Have you ever wondered how much time you have put down on playing “League of Legends”? Ever wanted to know how many hours, days, weeks, months you have been online, playing your favorite champions in the game? Well now you have the opportunity to find out, simply visit WastedonLoL! “League ...

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Dynasty Warriors Gundam Reborn Launch TR

“Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn” Launch Trailer Streamed

The highly anticipated fourth installment in the “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam” series got a launch trailer, reminding us all that the video game is now available for purchase. Exclusively released for Sony’s PlayStation 3, “Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn” will let “Mobile Suit Gundam” fans relive the best moments in the anime ...

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