A Look Back: Top 10 Fatalities In Mortal Kombat 9 (2011)

“Mortal Kombat” (2011) is the ninth main installment in the well-known Mortal Kombat series. The game was developed by NetherRealm Studios and published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The game was released at the beginning of the second quarter of 2011 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. In May of 2012 the game was released for the handheld console Playstation Vita. The game received multiple awards and positive reviews from the most well-known websites around the world. It is a game that is critically acclaimed and simply, one of the best fighting games to be released during the past decade.

A little over a week ago, “Top 10 X-Ray Moves in Mortal Kombat (2011)” was uploaded. Now it is time for The Hergula to list the best ten Fatalities of “Mortal Kombat” (2011). The only fatalities that were considered to be on the list, were the two fatalities every character had. No extra or third fatalities were considered when the list was created, leaving out classics like Sub-Zero´s Spine Rip and Scorpion´s Toasty!. While some may feel that it might be a little late for a list like this, I feel that there is never such a thing as an “old” list, just new writers of an old topic.


10. Kratos – Blade of Olympus

Kratos starts off nice and easy by stabbing his opponent through the chest with both of his blades. He then swiftly pulls them out, making his opponent flip around, landing on their knees facing away from him. Kratos then pulls out the Blade of Olympus and stabs his opponent through the torso from the back, only to vertically slice upwards, splitting his opponents upper body and head in half. His opponent then spills his guts all over the ground, only to collapse in the end as Kratos watches over his dead body.

Kratos is one vicious badass and that can be seen in his fatality. The way he stabs his opponent with both of his blades is a good start, yet what makes this fatality very memorable is the ending. Kratos pulls out the freaking Blade of Olympus and stabs it through the back of his opponent without them having the slightest clue of what´s happening. The sheer idea of Kratos pulling out the Blade of Olympus is already brilliant, as it gives the fatality the necessary dramatic effect all Mortal Kombat fans so dearly appreciate.


9. Skarlet – Blood Bath

Skarlet starts off her fatality by using one of her ninja swords, as she sticks it into the ear of her opponent. She then pulls out another sword, which she uses to slice open the throat of her foe. As the blood is spraying all over the place, she pulls her opponent closer to her as she lets the blood gush all over her face. After a short blood shower, she pulls the sword out of her opponents ear, letting them fall to the ground.

Skarlet has one of the most disgusting and insane fatalities in the history of Mortal Kombat, and that´s saying something. While stabbing her opponent in the ear is a good start, it´s hardly noteworthy compared to Skarlet slitting her
opponents throat wide open and then taking a blood shower. With this fatality Mortal Kombat crossed any lines that might´ve been drawn and that´s why I love it so much. Fatalities are supposed to be vicious and memorable, Skarlet´s Blood Bath fatality covers every criteria you can come up with for a fatality. Skarlet is one bad bitch that will humiliate anybody she wishes, exactly however she wishes to.


8. Mileena – Be Mine

Mileena starts out by throwing both of her Sai into the chest of her opponent. She then walks up to them, touches their face and rips the head off completely. After the body falls to the ground, Mileena pulls off her Ninja mask and starts eating the face of her opponent. After she throws the head to the ground, she starts touching her own body in a very sexual manner.

Mileena is arguably one of the sexiest female characters in Mortal Kombat history. With that in mind I think it´s safe to say that after she threw both of her Sai into the chest of her opponent and started eating their face, that might´ve gone out the window. Yet in the end, when she is covered in blood, she starts caressing her body while striking a sexy pose. Even after all she did in her fatality, it is hard to not find her physically very attractive. Conceptually, this is one of the best fatalities largely because of the face eating and the ending, as if to say: “I just pulled your head off, ate your face and I STILL look better than Sonya!”


7. Sektor – The Scarecrow

immediately before starting his fatality, Sektor lets out an evil laugh and a couple of seconds after that, he shoots an odd device out of his chest that attaches itself to his opponent. After Sektor activates the device his opponent is torn apart, separating the head, both arms and legs from the torso.

Sektor´s fatalities have always been rather creative and this one is most likely one of his best. Not only does he start off his fatality by laughing, he shoots a seemingly harmless device at his opponent, that attaches itself to the torso. Then without any warning, besides a blinking light on the device, it tears his opponent apart leaving them hanging in a scarecrow position. It is so diabolically evil and insane that it is difficult not to appreciate the creativity of the move. This fatality is memorable largely because of the evil laugh in the beginning and the end where you see your opponent totally torn apart by a device you shot at him.


6. Quan Chi – Beat Down

Quan Chi starts off by pulling off the leg of his opponent. He then strikes them in the face with their own leg, only to continue the assault when his opponent is on the ground. Quan Chi stands over his opponent and starts mercilessly beating the living hell out of them, wielding the leg of his opponent as a weapon. He strikes his opponent to the back of the head with the leg, only to break the head and make it explode. Quan Chi is not done though, he continues to mercilessly beat his opponent, still wielding their leg as a weapon, even after they are nothing but a corpse.

Quan Chi is one sadistic bastard with one wicked awesome fatality. Ripping the entire leg out of the socket while his opponent is still standing, makes very little sense yet it is simply brilliant. The whole idea of beating the living crap out of your opponent with their own leg is phenomenal and what makes it memorable is the fact that Quan Chi doesn´t stop hitting his opponent. At the end of the fatality, he is literally taking out all of his anger on a corpse, like what is Quan Chi trying to achieve? He definitely kills his opponent in the most ruthless fashion one can, by beating his opponent to death with their own leg.


5. Liu Kang – The Beast Within

Liu Kang bows in the direction of his opponent, only to do some martial arts moves before setting himself on fire. He then magically turns into a huge fire-breathing dragon. After letting out a roar, he bites off the upper body of his opponent, eating it and seconds later he turns back to Liu Kang.

The sheer idea of Liu Kang turning into a huge dragon is already excellent, but what makes this move memorable, and always has, is the fact that he eats the upper body of his opponent after scaring them half to death. If Liu Kang himself wasn´t already a scary opponent, try surviving in a battle against a fire-breathing dragon that eats humans. With a great concept and even better execution, this move is memorable, dominant and flashy.


4. Kung Lao – Razors Edge

Kung Lao starts off by kicking his opponent to the ground. He takes off his razor-sharp hat and throws it into the ground. As it is spinning in the ground, Kung Lao walks over to his opponent, grabs each leg and pulls them groin first into the buzzsaw. After he pulls them completely over it, his opponent is now split in two. He then lifts up his opponent, showcasing his dominance.

Kung Lao is a good man, yet this fatality definitely says otherwise. While kicking his opponent in the chest is barely intriguing, when he throws his hat into the ground, creating a buzzsaw, things get quite interesting. It is not only difficult to watch his opponent getting sawn in two, groin first, but this fatality is most likely one of the few that will make you turn your head away as it is just too violent. I can only guess that most would choose to go head first through a buzzsaw, rather than groin first, but that´s just me. Either way, this is a memorable fatality and one that literally finishes your opponent off without any chance of surviving.


3. Noob Saibot – Make A Wish

Noob Saibot starts things off with an evil laugh as he cracks his knuckles. He then summons a shadow clone, both grab a leg and start pulling the opponent, slowly but surely ripping him apart in the middle. Then both the shadow and Noob Saibot himself, hold up the part they were able to rip from the other.

Losing to Noob Saibot, you already know you will be humiliated but this fatality takes things to a whole different level. Noob Saibot is badass, he starts with an evil laugh and cracks his knuckles as if to say : “I´m about to have some fun!”. When Noob Saibot and his shadow rip the opponent apart, it makes no sense whatsoever, yet that´s the reason it is so darn memorable. Never lose to Noob Saibot, he dominates and humiliates people because he wishes to, not because he has to.


2. Scorpion – Nether-Gate

Scorpion starts off by grabbing his spear head in his hand as he then stabs his opponent in the chest with it, only to take the chain attached to the spear head and wrap it around the neck of his opponent. He then opens a portal to Netherrealm behind his opponent and kicks them in, holding the chain. Seconds later, his opponent falls through the second portal right above Scorpion, hanging from the chain around their neck.

Scorpion has always been fortunate to have some of the best fatalities in the history of Mortal Kombat and his Nether-Gate fatality is one of them. Not only does the fatality start off in the most promising fashion ever, with Scorpion grabbing the spear and stabbing his opponent, but things only get better after that. The idea of Scorpion opening a portal to Netherrealm is already excellent, yet what makes it better is the creativity behind the move. He suspends his opponent from the portal above him, resembling a hanging. The way it looks is just great both conceptually and visually. It is a very dominant fatality that shows both the creativity of Scorpion and his sheer evilness that we all love so much.


1. Sub-Zero – Spinal Smash

Sub-Zero starts things off by sticking his hand right through the chest of his opponent. He grabs a hold of the spine and pulls it out with the cranium attached to it. His opponent, already dead at this point, is frozen into an ice statue that Sub-Zero decides to break into a million tiny pieces, wielding the spine he pulled out of his opponents body as a weapon. After his opponent is completely broken to pieces, Sub-Zero holds the cranium attached to the spinal cord up high to show his victory and further humiliate his opponent.

It should not come as a surprise that Sub-Zero´s Spinal Smash fatality takes the number one spot, largely because of the creativeness and sheer brutality of the move. Sub-Zero is much like Scorpion, they both have conceptually excellent fatalities, always have and always will. This fatality however is perfect because there are several steps to it, it is not a fatality where only one thing happens. Sub-Zero sticks his hand into the chest of his opponent, pulls out the spine attached to the cranium, freezes his opponent, breaks it with the spine and then shows up the cranium attached to the spinal cord. It is bloody, it is brutal and it is freaking vicious as all hell. It makes dozens of phenomenal fatalities look mediocre at best. Sub-Zero will always be known as the spine ripping, enemy freezing, master fighter with extraordinary fatalities, we all know and love so dearly.

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