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Wonder Woman First-Look Image

Gadot’s Wonder Woman Look Unveiled (Comic-Con)

While most people have already accepted the fact that Ben Affleck is our new Batman on the big screen, some ...

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Mad Max Fury Road TR

Hardy’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” Gets Debut Trailer

Georgie Miller’s “Mad Max: Fury Road” just got its very first trailer, showing Tom Hardy as Mad Max, Charlize Theron ...

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Tekken 7 Dramatic TR

“Tekken 7″ Gets Dramatic New Trailer

Not too long ago, “Tekken 7″ was announced together with a 90-second promotional video. Now, a brand new trailer has ...

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Girls und Panzer Film TR

“Girls und Panzer” Theatrical Film’s Teaser Released

A 30-second promo was recently released for the upcoming “Girls und Panzer” anime film, which is a direct sequel to ...

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“Age of Ultron” Concept Art Posters Released (Comic-Con)

Comic-Con kicked off a few days ago and one of the freebies for the attendees were some exciting and intriguing ...

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